Objectives and Beneficiaries

1) The Foundation’s objectives are:

a) The care, conservation, study, and distribution of the archival, bibliographic, artistic, or resources of any other nature that make up the Pérez Estrada Legacy donated by D. Rafael Pérez Estrada, for whom it is named, to the City Council of Málaga and by those who in the future can recover, acquire, or would be donated to the Foundation by their owners and which become part of the Foundation’s patrimony.

b) The universal study of literature, in particular contemporary Spanish literature and, especially, the corresponding to the generation of Rafael Pérez Estrada, not just in his literary activities, but in any artistic discipline.

c) The promotion of creation and artistic research in general: literature, painting, music, flamenco, etc. by way of publications, conferences, seminars, scholarships, awards, or other activities that are considered appropriate.

2) To meet its goals, the Foundation will fulfill any activities and will provide any services considered necessary. In any case, it is the wish of the founders that the venue of the Foundation would be an active center, a place of cultural encounters, an archive of documentation for researchers and students to consult, and a permanent exhibit about the life and work of D. Rafael Pérez Estrada.


3) These activities can develop inside or outside of the social venue, and can be well directed and exclusively for the Foundation, or by means of the Proprietary Programs of Mecenazgo or of the Convention of Collaboration with other public or private entities.

4) Whenever it is convenient to the interests of the Foundation, the Patronage may agree on the modification of the foundational objectives, in the instance that any of its members are in compliance to the pertinent legal requirements

5) The foundational objectives are oriented, with generic character, to all the collective of people. In particular, to literary and artistic creators, researchers, faculty and alumni of all levels of education and the general public, interested in artistic and literary creation.

6) The Patronage will have complete liberty to determine the Foundation’s activities, aiming for the achievement of those concrete objectives that, to the judgement of that and inside of the compliance of their objectives, would be the most appropriate or convenient in any moment.